One of the important benefits of this blog is to point you to other sources for agility training education and inspiration.

Here are a handful of resources you cannot afford to miss:

Susan Garrett’s agility blog -  Susan is among the winningest agility competitors in the sport and one of the most innovative and insightful dog trainers and educators working today.  She is breaking new ground with her online training programs.  Frustrated by your dog’s poor recalls?  At a loss on how to start that new puppy?  Head over to Susan’s website, sign up for one of her online courses, and you’ll never look back.

Sylvia Trkman - Twelve time World Team Member, two time World Champion and yet one of the most charming and disarming agility champions you could encounter.  Sylvia is known worldwide for her method of training running contacts and its proven success.  I particularly idolize Sylvia for her focus on trick training as the basis for building a solid bond with your dog and turning that relationship into an enviable athletic performance.  After all, as Sylvia likes to say, agility is just a series of tricks.  For jaw-dropping inspiration (and a tad bit of envy, “Wish I could be in her class!”), check out this “graduation” video from one of her puppy classes

Clean Run Magazine – This is the bible of dog agility.   Most of us couldn’t live without the monthly arrival of this publication, which covers the breadth and depth of training and competing in the sport.  Clean Run’s online store is one of the best sources of dog toys, training aids, books, DVDs, training equipment and accessories you’ll find.  Eventually, you may even want to get a copy of its proprietary Clean Run Course Designer software so you can design your own training exercises or courses.

 The Agility Nerd - Everything you’d want to know about agility, including the kitchen sink.  Steve Schwarz has put together a site that is a combination training blog, resource directory and technogeek’s delight.  Looking for a variety of jump drills for your next practice session?  Try out the “Star Box Generator” or the “Double Box Generator.” Pick the number of jumps you have to work with, the length of the sequence, what skills you want to focus on –180s, 270s, serpentines, etc.–press Create Course and voila! you have a custom generated training sequence.  Don’t like that one?  Want more?  Just press the button.  Great for backyard training.

 Several top-ranked agility competitors and trainers have blogs or websites that you should explore.  Unfortunately, not all of them post as regularly as I’d like, but find some time to drop-in on these sites: Nancy Gyes, Daisy Peel, Linda Mecklenburg, Stacy Peardot-Goudy, Greg Derrett.

And for a totally different perspective on agility, no one has a worldview like Laura Hartwick.  Feeling down and need a chuckle?  Or a belly laugh?  Pay a visit to Team Small Dog.

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