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World’s Recap

Ashley Podium with Nancy andKathy

              The 2011 FCI World Agility Championships are over.  For those of us who watched from a hemisphere away, it was an exciting event with insanely difficult courses, an abundance of lithe, long-legged handlers, enviably responsive and agile dogs and a perilously slick surface that looked to me like it came off a roll of indoor/outdoor carpeting at Wal-Mart.               Champions have been crowned in three jump heights–individuals and teams.  […]

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World Agility Championships – Live Coverage

Even if you are a relative newcomer to the sport of agility, you may have overheard (or will sooner or later) a fellow competitor say “Oh, we’re not trying for World Team or anything.”  Or, you’ve had someone point out a handler and their dog at a local trial with “They’re on the World Team, you know.” So what are they talking about?  World Team? Actually, several of the major […]

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