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Movin’ on Up – Ready for the Next Class Level?

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You’ve just finished your first beginner’s agility class and it’s time to sign up for the next session. You might think it is a no-brainer to advance yourself to the next level: Beginner 1 to Beginner 2, Beginner to Novice 1, or whatever labels your training program uses. But agility training isn’t a lockstep process that necessarily progresses in a systematic or predictable upward trend. Before you write that check […]

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Island Hopping

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A down on the table.  Seems like a simple enough behavior, right?  Your dog will do it in your kitchen, in your yard, in the training center, on the practice field, outside the ring.  But, dang if you can’t get that down on the table in the agility ring! Fortunately (some would say), only USDAA any longer requires a down position for proper table performance.  But just because AKC will […]

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The Secret


A few months ago, I offered a Saturday seminar for novice handlers.  The number of handler/dog teams was limited to 10 and the slots filled quickly.  That Saturday, I set up a novice standard course and a jumpers course.  Without any prior coaching from me or discussion with fellow participants, teams walked the course, made their own handling decisions and then ran the courses.  Although I was not surprised by […]

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