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More of that Newton Stuff

Blog 2 Arc - color

Thank you all for your nice comments and support as I get this blogging adventure off the ground.  I am still learning the particulars about this process, but like learning agility, you just have to take one step at a time and let the knowledge build over time. Now back to business, I want to continue my discussion of the “arcs analysis” I introduced in my last post. But It’s […]

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What Newton Knew


 Were you one of those people who sat through high school physics doodling on your notebook, checking the clock above the classroom door every few minutes waiting for the bell to ring, wondering  when in the world you would ever use this stuff? Surprise.  Now that you are playing agility, you are encountering the direct application of those long-forgotten–or maybe never learned?–physics lessons. A Body in Motion . . . […]

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